Delivering Excellence Internationally since 1981

South Zone 1, PO Box 261031, Dubai


SO! Ltd. (Powered by Somcable) is an ISP that reflects a fresh and innovative range of products and services for the modern Somali consumer. It is an exciting, relevant and affordable option for communication and entertainment.

SO! Ltd.

SO! Consumer broadband powered by LTE is an affordable new wireless service that has been developed to extend the availability of broadband internet for all, especially for residential customers. SO! Has made use of the latest 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), to provide quality services to individuals and businesses in the majority of Hargeisa initially and then stage by stage across all the region. Backed by Somcable’s fibre network we can offer higher bandwidths and deliver a reliable and consistent user experience.

  1. 24 x 7 Customer service.
  2. Increases the productivity of businesses and home offices
  3. Greater reliability and no interference.
  4. Fastest Internet Service (up to 100 Mbps) in Somalia land.

SO! Ltd Will Utilize The Best Technology To Deliver A Wide Range Of Services.


Somcable owns and operates an unrivalled metropolitan fibre optic network totalling more than 30km of length in Hargeisa city. Somcable is the first service provider in Somaliland to offer fibre optic network that covers more than 1200km of Somaliland and growing.

Core Activities

Somcable was created to make business communication easier with dedicated terrestrial fibre optic cables, and in partnership with SO!Ltd, utilizes this technology to deliver the fastest internet service in Somaliland.