Delivering Excellence Internationally since 1981

South Zone 1, PO Box 261031, Dubai


The Independent Tobacco FZE holds more than 35years if experience in the tobacco industry, from working with multi-national companies and moving on to developing our own brands to serve different consumer tasters around the worlds.

Independent tobacco

Independent tobacco is committed to the highest quality standards at the most competitive price and to this end we only use the best quality raw materials and packaging in a highly sophisticated manufacturing process

Today we continue the legacy of expertise in manufacturing and marketing our own tobacco-based brands.

“Cigarette Manufacturers, Exports Brand development, Marketing & Product development”

Hana Shisha

The Hana Shisha Molasses organisation is a part of 'Independent Tobacco' of Dubai As a global player in the traditional cigarette markets, we at Hana feel very comfortable in the knowledge that we have a solid and secure foundation for growth.

With this in mind, our creative teams have designed two concepts, a Premium proposition that offers the most exquisite flavours, wrapped in elegant packaging, and a classic range which has been designed with the more ‘free spirited’ in mind.

Core Activities

Independent Tobacco is committed to investing heavily in its research & development in order to build its brands that cater to specific markets, tastes and needs.