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Our Responsibilities

We are Socially Responsible

We have helped more than 5,00,000 people in global network.

Charity in Africa

The MSG Group has made and continues to make significant contributions to charities dedicated to the socio-economic growth within notable the Horn of Africa region and beyond. The MSG Group has been actively involved in the drive to recognise Somaliland as a sovereign state by the international community, and has offered continued resources and support to the country as a whole.

Infrastructure Development

The MSG Group has in the past funded construction and general infrastructure projects, supporting the region’s transportation industry through a series of road network construction projects, delivered to international standards has had a dramatic effect with significant benefit to local and international businesses alike.

Irrigation Projects

The MSG Group has also invested heavily on environmental projects across Somaliland including but not limited to the construction of a Water reservoir, water crossings, Well repairs and the construction of Dams. These projects are designed to enhance the local standard of living as well as offering economic empowerment through various agricultural practices.

Natural Disasters

The MSG Group is continuously giving support during times of hardship and natural disasters. We do this by offering food, clothing and financial aid.

Community Welfare Projects

The MSG Group has supported the local communities with the construction, renovation and donation of multiple Mosques across the Horn of Africa region.